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Who We Are

Carolina Playground Inspection provides playground inspection and safety solutions to schools, childcare centers, parks, HOA’s, churches and more. Our primary goal is to enable children to enjoy the benefits of play as safely as possible. Unlike other companies offering playground inspections, Carolina Playground Inspection is independent. We do not sell playground equipment as that may be considered a conflict of interest. Our inspectors are experienced, CPSI certified playground experts.

We all know accidents happen. However, incidents can be reduced through proper playground care. As experienced playground professionals, we will work with you to customize an annual playground inspection and maintenance program for your playground(s). Our CPSI certified inspectors conduct periodic audits and inspections of your playgrounds ensuring safety and compliance. We won’t try to sell you equipment or costly repairs. Instead, we share our expertise by recommending the most cost-effective solutions to address any potential playground issues. We can also train your staff members to conduct regular, high frequency inspections.

Why Are Playground Inspections Important?

Every year, roughly 200,000 children are hospitalized due to injuries on playgrounds. In North Carolina, public playgrounds safety is governed by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, based on ASTM standards and includes the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. The CPSC recommendation for playground inspection is as follows:

  • Maintaining Playground

    "Inadequate maintenance of equipment has resulted in injuries on playgrounds. Because the safety of playground equipment and its suitability for use depend on good inspection and maintenance, the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions and recommended inspection schedules should be strictly followed. If manufacturer’s recommendations are not available, a maintenance schedule should be developed based on actual or anticipated playground use. Frequently used playgrounds will require more frequent inspections and maintenance."

  • Maintenance Inspections

    "A comprehensive maintenance program should be developed for each playground. All playground areas and equipment should be inspected for excessive wear, deterioration, and any potential hazards"

Our Services

Carolina Playground Inspection develops customized, affordable safety programs for playgrounds based on size, age and usage. We conduct inspections and deliver downloadable, certified inspection reports with clear photographs of any issues found and links to applicable CPSC/ASTM standards.

  • Certified playground audits and inspections
  • CPSC, ASTM and ADA compliance testing
  • Customized annual inspection programs
  • Staff training for high frequency inspections
  • Playground life-cycle consulting
  • Tightening bolts and connectors
  • Engineered Wood Fiber Safety surfacing (mulch)


Optimize child safety and eliminate hazards

Protect your organization through documented, proper standard of care

Document playground maintenance

Protect your playground investment

Reduce overall costs

Extend the life of your playground

Maintain play value

Playground Safety Surfacing

Proper maintenance of playground safety surfacing is vital to prevention of serious injuries due to falls, the most common cause of playground injury. CPSC guidance on loose fill safety surfacing (mulch) are as follows:

  • Maintaining Loose-Fill Surfacing

    "Loose-fill surfacing materials require special maintenance. High-use public playgrounds, such as child care centers and schools, should be checked frequently to ensure surfacing has not displaced significantly, particularly in areas of the playground most subject to displacement (e.g., under swings and slide exits)."

  • Carolina Playground Inspection can help you properly maintain loose fill surfacing. We also provide installation of Engineered Wood Fiber when necessary to maintain a safe, compliant attenuation (cushioning) depth.

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